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Are you looking for a central heating installer, but don't know how or where to start? How do you know you will be dealing with a professional central heating installer? And are you not paying too much? You can easily find the answers to these questions by requesting offers from different companies. is guaranteed to find you the best central heating installer. The best central heating installers are affiliated to us and are waiting for your order! Requesting offers via is very straight-forward and entirely free of charge:

Enter your postcode and indicate which type of request you want to make. As soon as you click on 'Request offers', your offer is instantly forwarded to central heating installers local to you. These companies will contact you within a few days to discuss the job with you and to get an overview of your wishes and preferences. Compare the offers and opt for the best deal!

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  • Indicate whether you want to have your central heating boiler replaced, repaired, installed or whether you want it serviced
  • Indicate the type of house you live in
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What to pay attention to when comparing offers?
You will find that the differences in price between different central heating installers can sometimes be considerable. Remember that the lowest offer is not by definition the best one. Carefully check what is included and what is not. VAT and materials may be included or excluded, but also check the warranties and the general terms and conditions. Are you still in doubt about the enormous differences in price? Feel free to confront your preferred companies about it. By being critical, you can be sure to find the best deal.

Benefits of comparing quotes

Using you can quickly and easily request quotes to compare prices and services from central heating installers throughout the UK.

  • Save time and money
  • 100% obligation free
  • Compare in just 3 simple steps
  • Receive customised quotes directly 
  • Obtain the best value

It takes just a couple of minutes to request quotes for central heating installation costs from companies in your area. It could not be easier!

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"I needed a central heating installer to find out more about a new central heating system. I used this site to do a price comparison of different quotes and found heating installers in my area really quickly and are very happy with our new combi boiler that does just what we needed.''
M. Edmonds, Brighton

''Comparing prices of central heating installation costs using this service saved me a lot of messing about to get my heating fixed. I got different quotes that let me compare central heating costs and I was able to choose the best one for the job.''
D. Lee, Liverpool

''We weren't sure which central heating system was for us. We ended up finding out a lot of about central heating grants and other options. I had quotes from different heating installers in my local area which really helped us out.''
S. Coxley, Luton

''We needed to arrange a new central heating system to replace our old one. A lot has changed in central heating options so it was great to be able to make contact with a number of companies at once to get their different advice and prices, and compare them easily.''
K. Bromford, Cardiff